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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Interpretation #2

Thursday Interpretations is a "meme," which means that you may participate in this on your blog, but I won't be advertising it nor adding a Linky for links to your post/s.

Anyway, Thursday Interpretation will be a weekly post where I post a motivational quote (and sometimes a book quote) and tell you my feelings about it. You are more than welcome to post a comment telling how you feel about the quote.

*Remember that these are only my opinions. They are not influenced by anyone else.*

This week's book, and somewhat motivational, quote:

"Ignorance is the worst doctor, while rest and sleep are the best nurses." ~Life of Pi by Yann Martel (GoodReads page)

My Thoughts:

To me, this quote means that if you are ill, and you just say "Oh, well, it's nothing" or "Nothing's wrong with me," you could be letting something get worse, like what starts out as a cold. But let's say this cold turned into pneumonia because you weren't treating yourself properly and covering your body from chilly weather. What then? You were probably better off letting yourself rest and sleep and stop going anywhere you didn't have to while you had that cold.

**I'm not really sure that this is a good example, but, hey, I'm not a doctor...**

What do you think this quote is trying to tell us?


Gina @ My Precious said...

Well, this one is a tough quote for me to interpret. If it's taken literally, speaking towards illness, being ignorant about something will not help heal. Regardless of what illness plagues you sleep and rest will always help.

I like your interpretation much better! Playing down symptoms and not taking care of oneself is a sure recipe for disaster.

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