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Memes I Participate In

What's Your Status?
Sunday Meme

What's Your Status? was inspired by my earlier Reading Status posts. Once a week, I'll share how my reading has been since the last post. Inspired by Small Review, I also share memes and reviews from the previous week.

In My Mailbox
Sunday Meme

In My Mailbox is hosted by the Kristi @ The Story Siren. Share what books you've acquired in the last week via the library, store, etc.!

Recommend A...
Monday Meme

Recommend A... is hosted by Shanyn @ Chick Loves Lit. It's another wonderful way to recommend books to other readers. All you have to do is recommend a book that fits the prompt. There will be a new prompt every week.

Teaser Tuesday
Tuesday Meme

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly "bookish meme" hosted by MizB over at Should Be Reading. In it, we share snippets from a book we're currently reading. It's super easy to participate in! Just grab your current read, flip to a random page, and share a little bit from the book. Be careful not to share any spoilers!

On the Shelves
Wednesday Meme

This is something I started in mid-July of 2012; it's not exactly a meme, but I try to do it every week. These posts spotlight books that aren't "the talk of the town" that came out that week or will be on the shelves later in the week. Sometimes there will be books featured that are big and anticipated, but I'll try to keep this from happening often.

Manga Corner
Friday Meme

Manga Corner will be posted in lieu of reviews for the manga books that I read. It won't be all the time, but whenever I have manga splurges, I will post these in a way of featuring them. I'll let you know if I liked them or not, but I don't really consider it a review. Eventually, when I feel my writing has evolved enough, Manga Corner will come to an end, and I will review my manga addictions like all the other books on the blog.


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