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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Music/ Movie Monday #1

Well, this is a day late, but I took the time to write it out yesterday sooo....

Music/ Movie Monday is a "meme"* that I will try to post ever week or biweeklt. In these posts, I will provide you with what song, artist, CD, etc. I am currently into the most. Also, I will be informing you on the latest movie/s I have seen and absolutely loved (or not-loved).

* Meme is quoted because I will not be providing a Linky for you to ad you liks to, nor will I be advertising these posts. However, if you would like to participate and leave a link or your movie and music info in a comment, I have no problem with that.



This week, I am currently stuck all over Nicki Minaj's debut album, Pink Friday. Yes, the original versions of these songs have all sorts of words in them, but my mom got me the Edited Version, so no worries :).

Anyways, the Young Money diva has definitely made an awesome debut. In just about every song you hear on the radio nowadays (if you listen to R&B), there's a Nicki verse in it. Nicki can definitely sing, I have to give her that. Her mission?: To show younger girls that they can reach their dreams no matter how many times they are told they can't or won't.

CD Rating: 4-1/2 wings!

Learn more about Ms. Minaj here!

List of tracks on Pink Friday:
1. I'm The Best
2. Roman's Revenge ft Eminem
3. Did It On 'Em
4. Right Thru Me
5. Fly ft Rihanna
6. Save Me
7. Moment 4 Life ft Drake
8. Check It Out ft
9. Blazin' ft Kanye West
10. Here I Am
11. Dear Old Nicki
12. Your Love
13. Last Chance ft Natasha Bedingfield



The latest movies I have watched are The Ring and The Ring Two. The best three words I cam use to describe this duo is "OH MY GAWSH!!!!" I absolutely loved them. They honestly didn't get really good until the end, but I still enjoyed the,. (Thank you to one of my 8th grade buddies for recommending them to me!)

The movies really were ah-mazing. I give The Ring a rating of 4 Wings, and The Ring Two I will rate 5 Wings. For the duo rating, it averages to a 4-1/2 :).

Plot/ summary of The Ring
Plot/ summary of The Ring Two

Come back next Monday to check for a new post!

Happy Reading,
Zakiya, the walking butterfly :)!


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