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Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Rating System

I was thinking about some of my favorite books from last year and the last few months, and it seems to me that the current rating system I have isn't really all that fair. Some books might get a four-star rating, but when I compare them to a five-star book they might've actually been much better. So, I've come up with the following rating system; it doesn't correspond with the star ratings in any way.

Colorful Animated Butterfly Pictures, Images and PhotosShelf-Worthy - These are the books that I was so into, that are just so absolutely ahmazing that you'll want to hold them in your hands and cherish every time you read them because they are just that marvelous.

Colorful Animated Butterfly Pictures, Images and PhotosSatisfying eBook - This is the rating for those books that I really liked, but I don't necessarily need to hold them. Knowing that I own them and can read them at any time is enough.

Colorful Animated Butterfly Pictures, Images and PhotosLibrary Grab - Books that I liked, but don't necessarily have to own at any point in my life. As long as I can borrow them -- library, friend or otherwise -- I'm good.

I rarely ever read anything that's just absolutely terrible. If I do, I will just come right out and say it, so I won't need a category for those.


Kate said...

Hi Zakiya! Wow it's been a long time but I'm happy to be back to say hi. It feels like such a long time since all us girls got together into the blogging world. I'm so happy that you and some of the others continued to blog, and be so successful at it, you go girl! Anyway I just thought I'd stop by and say hi, as I'm finally able to get back into the book world. I'm sure I'll start to see you around here at blogspot and at goodreads!

P.S. I really like your new rating system. I totally agree with you that the 1-5 stars doesn't do it justice. I also noticed, back when I was reading and rating books, that a four star book may be better than one of my five star books. Anyway, I look forward to reading future posts with your new rating system!

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