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Friday, September 28, 2012

Reading Update

Hello lovelies!

Just typing a quick blog post to let you know that,

1) I've just been grounded and won't have access to the blog for a few more weeks.
2) I've finally continued working on my story (updated the sidebar).
3) I've only finished two books this month -- The Last Little Blue Envelope & Dog Days.

Hopefully I'll be able to get on more in the next few months. I'll let you know ASAP.

Happy reading!! :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

This Month's Reads: September 2012

This month I'm just going to try to read the following. If I can get these done, it will be a miracle!

The Last Little Blue Envelope by Maureen Johnson
Dog Days by Jeff Kinney
Torment by Lauren Kate
This Is Not a Test by Courtney Summers
Nevermore by James Patterson.

What are you planning to read this month?

Prolonged Absence

Hey everyone!!!!

I hate that I haven't been on at all lately in August, but school (mainly homework) is kicking my butt right now. I'm trying to manage everything better so that I can read and blog more, but who knows what will happen. I hope you've all been doing awesome!

Happy Reading,
Zakiya LadyWings

P.S., On a side note I have started writing another story; I'm about to put my Story Progress on the far right sidebar right now. (: