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Monday, July 18, 2011

Music Monday #20

Music Monday is a "meme"* that I will try to post every week or biweekly. In these posts, I will provide you with what song, artist, CD, etc. I am currently into the most.

* Meme is quoted because I will not be providing a Linky for you to add you links to, nor will I be advertising these posts. However, if you would like to participate and leave a link or your music info in a comment, I have no problem with that.

[As you all may have noticed, I never had a movie up in the last few posts. For this reason, I have deleted the movie portion from these posts; however, you may still have movies in your posts or leave movie info in the comments.]



1) Angels on the Moon by Thriving Ivory. I hadn't heard this song in such a long time, but we were listening to the radio sometime last week, and I made my mom stay on the station so I could listen to it. It just reminds me of when everything was so much easier for some reason. :)) Love a good ole flashback!

Song Rating: 4.5 Wings
Music Video:

Happy Listening!


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