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Saturday, November 27, 2010

What's your status? (27/11/2010)

First of all, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :D

This post was inspired by, well, my previous Reading Status posts. I wanted to make it something that everyone could particpate in. Every Saturday (and sometimes Sunday), I will post what I've finished in the past week, what I'm currently reading and where I am in the book/s, what I plan to read next, and possibly what I want to buy/get. I will be trying to do this ever week, so be sure to check back every weekend! Be sure to enter your links to your WYS posts in the Linky Tool below. (The Linky Tools will always be left open on Sundays for those of you who can't post on Saturdays.)

Now, for my status! (Please keep in mind that you do not have to use this exact format. Whatever works for you is what works for me.)

Finished This Week:
  • Nothing unfortunately. I have been reading, though!

Currently Reading:

  • Remember Me (series omnibus) by Christopher Pike. On page 262. Right now, I believe Shari and Peter have just figured out Shari's true family. It was a shocker indeedy :).
  • Zan-Gah & the Beautiful Country by Allan Richard Shickman. On page 64. Zan and the Ba-Coro tribe have begun their treacherous journey to the now uninhabited beautiful country, which once belonged to the infamous wasp people, but they own it no more. (Sounded so poetic.)

Next On My TBR (To Be Read) Pile:

  • The Hobbit (the Lord of the Rings prequel) by J.R.R. Tolkien. Yes, I know that just last week it was under Currently Reading, but I'm just not finding the time to read it like the other two. Maybe after I finish one -- or both of them -- I will be able to enjoy this one.

What I Would Like To Buy/Get Next:

  • I will probably be using my birthday money to invest in some books for a possible giveaway, and The Alchemyst by Michael Scott.

So you get how this works, right? Not complicated at all. Don't forget to post the link to your WYS posts in the Linky Tool below!

For instance:

Name: Butterfly Feet Walking on Books


Mad Scientist said...

Nice MeMe! I was just waiting for Saturday :)

Mad Scientist

Small Review said...

Cute meme! I'm all signed up. :)

Mad Scientist said...

I have an award for you at Steampunkery & Book Reviews :)

Mad Scientist!!

Jen the bibliophile said...

I've got my link up. I love it Z!

In the Closet With a Bibliophile

Gina @ My Precious said...

I like this idea, I'm going to try and do this meme if I can. :-)

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