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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June Wrap-Up

Can anyone else actually believe that half the year is over? Because I can't, and that was three days ago lol. Anyway, I hope everyone's been reading some awesome books!



Other Things

May's Reading Status
4 books, 1393 pages

Reading Challenge Status
Let Me Count the Ways
Book Version - 11819/10001 pages FINISHED!
Audio Version - 1028/9000 minutes
13x7 in 2013 - 42/91 books
A to Z Series - 12/26 books 

I realized as I was preparing this the other day that the blog's birthday is Sunday! (July 7th) I had completely forgotten with everything else going on. Like last year, I won't be doing a giveaway or anything extravagant. My hopes for this blogoversary is to turn everything around. Start taking chores and life in general more seriously and being on top of things, which includes this blog! I feel so terrible about zoning in and out on you all. I started this blog to give you all reviews and share my love of reading no matter what, and in the last two years, this mission seems to have diminished to simply making sure I never miss a WYS post -- as if that makes up for the tens of reviews I owe you guys. Anyway, if you've stuck with me this long, I thank you so much for being there throughout all the slow moments. I'm hoping that with my lifestyle-change-dream, I will be able to keep up in school and dance, but still read in every waking moment possible and get wonderful reviews to you guys. Again, thank you to all my followers, whether you are still reading or not now that I'm rambling :). If it weren't for y'all, I never would've gotten this far in the blogging game.


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