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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Review: The Year of the Great Seventh by Teresa Orts

The Year of the Great Seventh (Tropic of Cancer, #1) by Teresa Orts
308 pages, Kindle Edition
Finished on 14/7/2013
Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Mystery, Some Adventure
Goodreads page

Motivation to Read It: I was asked to read and review this novel by the author, as well as to participate in the book tour she's having. (Stay tuned for that post.)

Review: This was a really great book! I liked the mystery aspect and especially was intrigued by the inclusion of Ancient Egypt. Once I got about 10 or 15 percent into the book, I found it very easy to get lost in the text.

Sophie and Nate were wonderful characters. They both lived lives where they didn't necessarily belong among the riches and fabulous-ness of the L.A. community. They were so protective of each other. Once Nate revealed his secret to Sophie, she was very much dead-set on helping him in any way she could, no matter what the cost of the consequences. From a similar perspective, Nate didn't want Sophie putting herself in danger to help him. Even though he had some serious feelings for her, he couldn't live with even a prophecy of danger directed towards her, No pun intended, of course.

The plot was really appealing, too. It wasn't overly fascinating or anything, but it captured the audience at a certain point (which was near the beginning). The constant suspense of who was after Sophie and Nate or what was happening to the latter of these individuals was enough to keep me reading. Although the romance had a part in that, too. ;)

Overall, I really enjoyed this book! I'm looking forward to the second in the series.

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