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Monday, January 17, 2011

Music/ Movie Monday #4

Music/ Movie Monday is a "meme"* that I will try to post ever week or biweekly. In these posts, I will provide you with what song, artist, CD, etc. I am currently into the most. Also, I will be informing you on the latest movie/s I have seen and absolutely loved (or not-loved).

* Meme is quoted because I will not be providing a Linky for you to ad you liks to, nor will I be advertising these posts. However, if you would like to participate and leave a link or your movie and music info in a comment, I have no problem with that.



This week, I have been caught up on a few songs. There are 4, so I will rate them seperately.

1) Strip Me by Natasha Bedingfield. (Not sexual, parents.) I seriously LOVE this song. Natasha, in this song, is saying that you can do whatever you want to her, but she still has a voice that you can't take from her. It's really moving, and it would be a good song to listen to when & if you feel looked over.

Song Rating: 4.5 Wings
Music Video:
More About Natasha Bedingfield:

2) Raise Your Glass by P!nk. Another song that I LOVE; can't get it out of my head! This song always makes me want to move. A great party song. P!nk is basically saying that you should embrace what makes you different, celebrate it. Have a great time. Definitely a good message :).

Song Rating: 4.5 Wings
Music Video:
More About P!nk:!nk

3) Grenade by Bruno Mars. In this video, BM is dragging a piano toward his girlfriend's house, but finds a terrible thing there when he arrives. You gotta watch the vid to see what. But he is singing about how the girl was never really in love with him, even though she said she was. And he would do anything for her, sacrifice anything for her, including his life. I enjoy listening to his dedication to her; good quality in a guy, lol.

Song Rating: 4 Wings
Music Video:
More About Bruno Mars:

4) Fall For Your Type by Jamie Foxx ft. Drake. This video was a little confusing at first, but after about a minute, Jamie was falling out a window. There were things falling and breaking, and Jamie's place was trashed. In the song lyrics, J is basically telling the girl he's with that the problems they are going through have been recurring for him some way or another. He always falls for the same type of woman. *Note: The video does have a few half-naked-woman scenes, so parents should watch before younger kids.*

Song Rating: 4 Wings
Music Video:
More About Jamie Foxx:
More About Drake:



No movies this week, unfortunately. I just haven't had the time to watch any lately :)

Happy Reading, Watching, and Listening!
~Z LadyWings


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