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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Goals for Bout of Books 4.0

So I just discovered this marvelous thing known as Bout of Books 4.0 while I was catching up with my bookish friends on Twitter. I've now promised myself to get online more often as I seem to miss the important things, lol!

Anyway, Bout of Books is a "low pressure" readathon, and, being the readathon junkie that I am, I'm all for this one!! It lasts from Monday, May 14th at 12:01 am (your time zone) to Sunday, May 20th 11:59 pm. The goal is to read more than you would normally read during a one-week period. So let the challenge begin!!!!

Here are my goals for Bout of Books 4.0--

(Finish) Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly
Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
Paranormalcy by Kiersten White
Looking for Alaska by John Green
Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick


Monday, May 14th
~~Books Read From Today: Revolution
~~Total Books Finished: none
~~Pages/Percent Read Today: 297 pgs
~~Total Pages/Percent Read: 297 pgs

Tuesday, May 15th
~~Books Read From Today: Revolution (finished), Looking for Alaska
~~Total Books Finished: 1
~~Pages/Percent Read Today: 144 pages, 6%
~~Total Pages/Percent Read: 441 pages, 6%

Wednesday, May 16th
~~Books Read From Today: Looking for Alaska
~~Total Books Finished: 1
~~Pages/Percent Read Today: 44%
~~Total Pages/Percent Read: 441 pages, 50%

Thursday, May 17th
~~Books Read From Today: Looking for Alaska (finished); Hush, Hush
~~Total Books Finished: 2
~~Pages/Percent Read Today: 62 pages, 50%
~~Total Pages/Percent Read: 503 pages, 100%

Friday, May 18th
~~Books Read From Today: Hush, Hush
~~Total Books Finished: 2
~~Pages/Percent Read Today: 293 pages
~~Total Pages/Percent Read: 796 pages, 100%

Saturday, May 19th
~~Books Read From Today: Hush, Hush (finished); Crescendo (finished)
~~Total Books Finished: 4
~~Pages/Percent Read Today: 463 pages
~~Total Pages/Percent Read: 1259 pages, 100% (will be converted into 221 pages)

Sunday, May 20th
~~Books Read From Today: Silence
~~Total Books Finished: 4
~~Pages/Percent Read Today: 152 pages
~~Total Pages/Percent Read: 1632 pages (includes the 100%)

For more info and to sign up, go to, and make sure you follow the reading progress of some of the participants through the Twitter hashtag #boutofbooks. You can keep track of what I finish for BOB through my Goodreads and, because they're linked, Twitter accounts.

Happy Reading!!!


creativedeeds said...

So glad you decided to join us! Great list of books! Good luck and have fun!

Zakiya LadyWings said...

Thanks! :D

Marie Ifmarybooks said...

I'm going this read-a-thon :) and Looking for Alaska is on my list for this week too ^^. I can't believe that I haven't read this book since I've heard amazing things about it.
Good luck !

Zakiya LadyWings said...

Awesomeness!! I've been reading his books for the past two months now, and I am determined to finish all that he's written :)

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