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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

#boutofbooks Update #1

The first day of Bout of Books went pretty well for me! I didn't finish any books, but I read almost 300 pages in Revolution (Jennifer Donnelly). I was debating on whether I wanted to go ahead and start Looking For Alaska (John Green), but then just decided not to.

Monday's Question:

“What do you like best about readathons? Do you have any readathon traditions or rituals? If this is your first readathons, what do you like so far?”

I'm not really sure what my favorite part of readathons is. I think it would be the fact that the entire week, I'm really motivated to read my butt off. I have to admit, lately, I'm not in the greatest of reading moods. If I have any readathon traditions, I haven't noticed that I have them yet :)

Monday Stats:
~~Books Finished (on Mon.): none
~~Total Pages/Percent Read: 297 pgs


Prangon: The Nerd In Heels said...

YAY for 297 pages! That's a lot of pages and a lot chapters :D

creativedeeds said...

Great progress. Keep up the great reading!

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