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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Week Ahead (October 10-16)

Every Sunday, I will let you all know what to look forward to in the upcoming week: reviews, guest posts, memes, whatever I think/know I will be putting up for your viewing. The things I post will not always be followed out, but I'll try. Vice versa, I might end up posting something that isn't mentioned in this post.

For the week of October 10th - 16th...

~ Music Monday?
~ Review of The Hunger Games

~ Teaser Tuesday
~ Review of Everlost

~ Guest Review from Leanne

~ Thursday Interpretation & Library Unveiled?
~ Review of Paradise 21

~ Friday Spolite?

~ What's your status?
~ Read-a-thon updates? (I'll try to remember this time!)

~ In My Mailbox
~ Review of The Help

Have a great week everybody!!! :D


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