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Friday, October 14, 2011

Tower of Parlen Min by Matt Xell

Tower of Parlen Min (Narrow Escapes of Ves Asirin, #1)
By Matt Xell
Publisher: self publ'd, 2011
345 pages, Kindle Edition (ARC)
Date Finished: 30/9/2011
Genres: Young Adult, Action, Coming of Age, Romance, Fantasy
Ves Asirin, an orphaned and introverted boy with a complicated memory loss disorder, wins a trip to the Tower of Parlen Min, the home of the wealthiest inventor of the time, Jacobius Trent. There, with 19 other children, he must compete in the Sword Challenge; a series of intricate puzzles and daring tasks, for a prize of $12 million. As dazzling, glorious and liberating as the Tower seems to be for him, Ves finds that it keeps a dark and secret history that he has been unknowingly connected to for over 150 years, a secret that will define his future and destiny ... if he can escape The Shadow: a powerful and seemingly unstoppable, supernatural serial killer.
~First Line: "There are many seemingly unending roads i the world of Everlon, and it is said that if you do not know where you are going, what you are looking for or why you are looking for it, you will wander these roads forever."
~Last Line: " 'That is a good thing . . . for the Lord knows we'll need him now more than ever.' "

Review: I'm really glad that I agreed to participate in this book tour! Tower of Parlen Min is truly an excellent book.

The main character, Ves Asirin, has a memory disorder. Every 10-15 hours, he forgets all of what's happened in that time period. The only way for him to remind himself of things is by drawwing pictures in his valued scrapbook. Or to cut himself on his arm or hand. Then, because of another child's misbehavior, Ves is chosen to as the one person from his orphange to visit the Tower of Parlen Min, the home of a very waealthy  and well-known man. Adventures await behind practically every corner for Ves.

The plot. Oh, the plot. It's definitely original. The book aautomatically pulled me in, and every time I'd start reading it, I wouldn't be able to put it down. There were lots of things, like Canids, that were new and interesting. No werewolves, no vampires; there were witches, but they weren't the main focus of the book, which I really liked.

It's hard to give parts of the plot that I liked because I don't want to give away any of the book. . . . Let's just say that there was a LOT of action near the end. It kind of gets a little, for lack of a better word, depressing. Everyone ..... *starts mumbling* ..... and it was just so frustrating! :) However, I can say that I was nowhere near guessing that what actually happened would happen.

The characters were really awesome, too. I've never read about anyone in Ves's situation. That was completely new for me, but I enjoyed it. It brought something different to the table. Ves in general was just an awesome charrie. He was always keeping to himself unless it just wasn't possible. His quick reaction to help people when they were in trouble was just so amazing. I loved it. Definitely my favorite character of them all.

I also enjoyed Vikey as a character. She practically fell head over heels for Ves if you ask me. But it was adorable all the same. Her jealousy of Tammi was something that I could unquestionably relate to. The last time we see Vikey before shes goes away was just too romantic. I cried so hard. Gawsh. I think that was the best part of the whole book.

Last, but not least, my favorite characters include the Wiccan Miss Tammi. She's Ves's love interest, and the one that Vikey is oh-so jealous of. Tammi has deep blue eyes (which I would LOVE to have), and can't touch glass, or it breaks. She helps Ves learn about his powers a little. She was such a nice person, and you couldn't help but at least like her. I'm pretty sure she was in everyone's good graces at the Tower.

All in all, gosh... I'm so anxious for the second book that I can't even talk about it. LOL! Honestly, this is a fabulous book, and I recommend it to all. If anyone's looking for a new series, check it out :p

Plot Rating: 5
Character Rating: 4
Cover Reading: 4.5
GoodReads Rating: 5

Overall rating:
and five-eighths :)


Gina @ My Precious said...

I participated in this blog tour also. I was a bit reluctant to start reading this one. Maybe because I was afraid I wouldn't enjoy it and mostly because it was so darn long. I couldn't believe the intricate plot that Xell weaves throughout this book. Its definitley one of the most creative books I've read all year long. I just wish it wasn't quite so violent....

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