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Friday, March 4, 2011

Current State of the Union (Mar 5)

Ever read The Clique series by Lisi Harrison? If you have, you know exactly what this is. If you haven't:

Massie Block's "Current State of the Union" is where she sums up the last few days with what's IN and OUT. It can be people, places, things, whatever. My BFF Leanne (Tales of the Mockingjay) and I have decided to bring this to real life. Ususally, Leanne and I will have different posts, but sometimes we might have the same ones :)

Right now, this is a "meme," meaning that we would luh-v if you would participate, but there won't be a Linky if you do. (You can comment with your link on either of our blogs.)

So, without another moment's wait:

Current State of the Union


1. Brown pop*
2. Blue "e"'s **
3. "Eh?"***


1. Other sodas
2. Red "v"'s
3. "Oof!"

* I seem to be having some serious issues with brown sodas lately -- Dr Pepper AND Coke!

** Un-explainable; haha.

*** We like Canada (even though we've never been), and "oof!" was an old obsession, so to speak.

So what's your CSOTU?


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