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Thursday, May 2, 2013

April Wrap-Up

Another month, another wrap-up post. Enjoy, lovelies!



Other Things
Readathons (Spring into Horror Goals)

April's Reading Status
6 books, 1146 pages

Reading Challenge Status
Let Me Count the Ways
Book Version - 6922/10001 pages
Audio Version - 500/9000 minutes
13x7 in 2013 - 26/91 books
A to Z series - 8/26 books

So I realize that I didn't do anything last year for the blog's anniversary, but I'm determined to do one this year.

All you lovely bloggers and readers out there, I would really appreciate if you would email, tweet, or post on the blog's Facebook page -- whatever you have to do to get in touch with me. I need some book suggestions to discuss/promote/etc. for the week of the blog's bday! These can be books are coming out sometime soon after July 7th, but I would prefer they be out no later than early June so that I can actually read them. Likewise, if you authors/publishers have books you would like me to spotlight during the celebration or want to do an interview/guest post, hit me up! Same ways -- Twitter, Facebook, email, or leave a comment. (Bloggers/readers can feel free to do this last option as well.)

To get in touch with me: leave a comment, post on FB, Tweet me, or email me via massiekurhatesu(at)gmail(dot)com.


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