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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Book Tour Review: Forbidden Angel by Megan D. Martin

Forbidden Angel by Megan D. Martin
79 pages, PDF file
Finished on 31/3/2013
Genres: Adult, Historical Fiction, Romance
Goodreads page

Motivation to Read It: I'm not even going to lie. I saw "Nazi" and "concentration camp" in the synopsis and automatically signed up for the tour. I love me some WWII.

Review: Forbidden Angel was a great short story. It was appealing to see what happened at the concentration camp when Sarah and her family arrived. Even though I've read Holocaust books before, this one really caught me with the suspect personality the person added, along with the romance factor.

The characters, and especially their personalities, were really engaging. For starters, Sarah always had the priority of protecting her mother and sister before even her own health. Although he was the antagonist, Ivo's personality was interesting, too. He was quite the determined fellow, wanting to get his hands on Sarah so badly that he goes to the extreme of hurting her family. The determination was impressive, I think.

The plot started off great (not that it got worse or anything). The women were all scared to death in the railcar. They were desperate for fresh air but terrified of what they would fine when they got it. Ivo's character added a nice little scary factor to the plot, especially because he kept popping up unwanted. One thing I liked about the plot is that it kept me guessing. Every time I though one event was going to take place -- poof. Sarah went and did the total opposite. It's not everyday that I get books like this so I'm glad that Forbidden Angel had that aspect.

On the whole, I really liked this narrative! It was to the point and yet detailed. Another that I shall have to add to my list of "Wonderful World War II's."

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Megan D. Martin said...

Thank you so much for signing up to host Forbidden Angel and myself. I am so pleased that you enjoyed it!


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