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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Review: Total Blueprint for World Domination by Jolene Stockman

Total Blueprint for World Domination by Jolene Stockman
77 pages, eARC (PDF file)
Finished on 22/6/2012
Genres: Self-Help, Motivational
Synopsis via GoodReads:
Target big dreams and build a plan to achieve them! You've got one life, one shot, and all the power to make it happen. Get ready to dream big and live big. It's all up to you. And it starts now.

Total Blueprint for World Domination (17,000 words) is a powerful life-planning book for teens that will inspire. The book lets readers:
*Explore hidden passions and find direction.
*Create heart-pounding, toe-tingling goals.
*Recruit an army for support.
*Design a dream world and make it happen.
*Achieve world domination step-by-step.

Full of tips and tricks for tackling life's challenges, Total Blueprint for World Domination is a book that will motivate readers to take their life to the next level.

Anything is possible. And anything is possible for you. Believe it. Total Blueprint for World Domination takes you from this very second to your greatest dreams. So, are you ready?
Motivation to Read It: Jolene asked me to read and review this for her, and I was all for it.

Review: From the title, you might think that this book is science fiction; quite the contrary, it's a motivational book here to help you create the perfect world for yourself! Stockman guides you through discovering what makes you happy, how to incorporate these things into your perfect world, and what all you have to do to get there!

I really liked this book. Just from reading it, I changed a few things that I do on a regular basis. In the neat future, I'm going to use this to create my own world domination blueprint. Stockman keeps readers  motivated throughout the entire novel, which I really loved. She has broken the process into stages where you take a look at different parts of your blueprint and there are a few stages where you learn to change/apply things, like relaxing and procrastination. She has really changed how I operate, so to speak.

I recommend this book to anyone that wants to take control of their life.

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