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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Guest Review #6 - Leanne

It's been quite a while since my bestie Leanne was on here, but here she is!! She's prepared a review for us today; enjoy!

Wow. This book was AMAZING. I have never read anything like it, or similar. The story line was very put together and one of a kind. The world Lauren DeStefano created is amazing, but she didn't really connect the current world to the one she created. The cover art is beautiful and it really pertains to the story. Rhine is so relatable; nobody wants to be a caged bird, or with someone you dont love. I really enjoyed this book and hope to read more from her.

**I have read MANY bad reviews on Goodreads about how bad of a book it was because of the situation, blah blah, but it's a YA book, so I don't really mind that this world is so diffrent and not scientifically possible.

Definitely 4 pins.


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