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Friday, June 22, 2012

Review: Bumped by Megan McCafferty

Bumped (Bumped, #1) by Megan McCafferty
323 pages, Library Book (hardcover)
Finished on 12/6/2012
Genres: Young Adult, Futuristic, Coming of Age, Romance
Synopsis via GoodReads:
In 2036 New Jersey, when teens are expected to become fanatically religious wives and mothers or high-priced Surrogettes for couples made infertile by a widespread virus, 16-year-old identical twins Melody and Harmony find in one another the courage to believe they have choices.
Motivation to Read It: I've been wanting to read it since it came out. It was a new book at the library, so I grabbed it as soon as I saw it.

Review: This was the first of Megan McCafferty's books that I've read, and I must say that she's a gret writer.

Bumped revolves aoround a set of twins that were separated at birth. Melody grew up in Otherside, and her parents have been preparing her her entire life to do her "civic duty," if you will -- have a baby for a couple that can no longer conceive. Harmony was taken to Goodside, a church-oriente, secluded civilization where the rules are quite strict and the people don't have the virus.

I have to admit that from the very beginning I didn't like Harmony. She was just so annoying to me. She was one of those people that's hellbent on turning everyone to her religion and thinking how she thinks. She was also too nosy for her own good. She was interefering with stuff from the beginning of the book, and with every wrong decision she made I just really wanted to rattle her bones. However, the fact that I connected to the story that well enough to dislike her so much -- that's some really good writing, wouldn't you say?

The plot was amazing, spectacular, marvelous. It wasn't necessarily fast-paced, but it wasn't slow either. You got to see how Otherside operated and went about life everyday because they go several different places between both Harmony's and Melody's perspectives. Everything really flowed as well. There was nothing that was choppy, even when you switched between the two girls. You pretty much start u pwherever you left off.

All in all, this was a great novel, and I can't wait to read Thumped!

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