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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review: Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick by Joe Schreiber

This review has some mild spoilers. They don't give away everything explicitly, but they hint at some things that somewhat give away a little of the book.

Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick by Joe Schreiber
190 pages, Library Book (hardcover)
Finished on 6/6/2012
Genres: Young Adult, Adventure, Action, Some Romance, Coming of Age
Synopsis via GoodReads:
Perry Stormaire is a normal high school senior—he is busy applying to college and rehearsing with his band—until he agrees to go to the prom with the Lithuanian exchange student who is staying with his family. It turns out that Gobi Zaksauskas is not the mousy teenager that she seems but rather an attractive, confident trained assassin. Instead of going to the prom, Perry finds himself on a wild ride through the streets of New York City as Gobi commandeers the Jaguar his father lent him for the prom in order to take out her targets. Perry learns a lot about himself—and ends up with some amazing material for his college application essays.
Motivation to Read It: I saw that someone added this to their to-read shelf on GoodReads, and the title alone was enough to pull me in and make me want to read it. I saw it at the library, sat down, and read the book in one sitting.

Review: I have to say, during the first maybe 30 pages of this book I was this close to putting it down. It wasn't that it was just utterly repulsive, just a bit strange. Quite strange actually. As you keep reading, however, it turns into this really fun book that's easy to read.

Perry is a senior in high school, has a foreign exchange student (Gobi) living with him and his family, and pretty much does whatever his dad tells him -- no questions asked. Over the course of one night he and Gobi do things that I'm pretty sure no other high school senior can say they did the night of the prom. Fast-paced thrills for pretty much the entire book.

The plot was pretty good. The first couple of chapters give you a summary of the past year with Gobi living in their house. Then, they go to their prom, leave the prom. That's when the real fun begins. Let's just say the Gobi everyone thought they knew is definitely nawt the real Gobi. Once we were informed as to what the reason was for their leaving the prom, I wanted to know what happened next through every chapter, page, and word. This plot pulls you in to where you feel like you're the one driving a Jaguar through the streeets of New York City.

The charries were good as well. Perry was what I imagine I would have been like if I'd been in his place: freaked out, rebellious, trying not to give Gobi a reason to do something treacherous. He was a character that I think anyone could relate to; he just wanted to make his parents happy and get into a great college and do something worthwhile that brings in money. Gobi was a really great character as well. She was just doing what she thought was right; you could tell that, after living with them for so long and getting to know him and his family, she hated to have to ruin her facade for Perry. But it was necessary, and she didn't think twice when it meant she would avenge a loved one. I have to respect her for that.

Overall, I have to say: this was way better than I thought it was going to be. I'm glad Leanne found it at the library or I never would have even known they had it. Worth the time :).

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