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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Reading Status (25 Sept, 2010)

Another week, another status post! Here's what I've accomplished this past week:

Finished This Week:
  • Thanksgiving on Thursday (Magic Tree House, #27) by Mary Pope Osborne. Finished on 19/9/2010. This was a great book! It had facts about the first Thanksgiving, and it's about a wonderful holiday, which makes a great Fall Read. :)
  • Attack of the Jack-o'-lanterns (Goosebumps) by R.L. Stine. Finished on 20/9/2010. I enjoyed this book a little more than TOT, mostly because it's supposed to be scary, and it definitely was! Stine has reminded me of why I used to love reading his books. I should probably go back to that :).

Currently Reading:

  • The Miserable Mill by Lemony Snicket. On page 111. Reading this for GoodReads, as usual :). I've read it before, but I wanted to continue the series, and found that I'd forgotten most of what happened, so I'm rereading. It's a really good book, though!
  • Remember Me by Christopher Pike. On page 42. Same spot as last week....
  • Chosen by P.C. & Kristin Cast. Have read 4%. Yep, haven't moved a muscle....

Next On My TBR Pile:

  • The Austere Academy (Series of Unfortuante Events, #5) by Lemony Snicket.

Well, that's all for this week. See you soon!


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