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Friday, March 15, 2013

Review: Geography Club by Brent Hartinger

Geography Club (Russel Middlebrook, #1) by Brent Hartinger
244 pages, Kindle Edition
Finished on 6/3/2013
Genres: Gay/Lesbian, Young Adult, Romance, Realistic Fiction
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Motivation to Read It: I was contacted by Brent asking to review the series's latest novel, The Elephant of Surprise. Since I hadn't read any of the series before, I agreed to review the entire series.
(Stay in touch with the blog! I will be posting reviews of the books over the next couple of weeks.)
Review: This was my first novel with a gay main character. I have to say that it was amazing. It's one of the funniest books I've read, but even without the humour it had a great plot and the characters were really enjoyable.

Russel Middlebrook finds himself a hidden outcast in modern-way high school, where homosexuals aren't exactly going to be treated like royalty. That's the reason why no one knows that he's gay. And then the most popular kid in the school finds out. How's that for a horror story?

The characters in Geography Club were really enjoyable and funny. All throughout the novel my highlighting draws about every two paragraphs to the oh-so-many entertaining quotes I found while I indulged myself. I also thought that the characters got along and understood each other very well, which is definitely important in books. They made you want to be cheerful with them, or worried, or whatever emotion was being portrayed.

The plot was unquestionably entertaining  I loved how it kind of skipped over days (and weeks?) sometimes to get to the next point in time that important events take place. At the same time, it actually annoyed me a little a couple of times because I loved the charries so much that I wanted to spend every possible moment with them. (Creep status; I know.) I was glued to the story. I found myself longing to read it even when I knew that there was no way it could happen at that moment.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who was willing to read it. Even if they weren't, I'd find a way to make sure they read it. Very well-written, and worth taking the time to devour.

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