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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Review: Earth Sim by Jade Kerrion

Earth Sim by Jade Kerrion
207 pages, Kindle Edition
Finished on 30/3/2013
Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction
Goodreads page

Motivation to Read It: I was contacted by Ms. Kerrion asking if I would be interested in reviewing her book. I took an interest to the synopsis and things went from there!

Review: I absolutely loved this book! It didn't take me very long to realize where the title came from, and I really enjoyed being carried through the Earth's history. (Noted history nerd here. Now if only textbooks could be written like this.)

Jem and Kir (unique names ♥) will definitely be going on my favorite characters list. Jem's constant sarcasm and overall seriousness were marched very well with Kir's ever-present good mood and humour. One thing that I didn't notice until the end of the story (and is still kind of surprising -- but in a good way) is that there was barely any romance. During the entire novel my brain just assumed that Jam and Kir would end up together. And so when it didn't happen, my mind was momentarily shocked. At the same time, I'm glad the romance was unobtrusive because I feel as if it might have taken away from the main aspect of the story.

The plot was really magnificent. Kir and Jem messed up the progress of the simulation so many times that it was truthfully kind of funny reading about Europe's suffering from the Black Death. (Yes, very inhumane.) I also liked how Kerrion mixed in the plot with Lukas and Jem's true form I suppose you could call it. The situation even had an effect, albeit a small one, on the Earth simulation that made it an even more interesting part of the story.

All in all, Earth-Sim was a great read. It really makes you think about how the Earth actually got here, and while that probably wasn't Kerrion's purpose for writing it, it's quite appealing to the human mind.

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