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Monday, December 24, 2012

Let Me Count the Ways Reading Challenge 2013

It's that time of year again! I don't think I'll be signing up for any other blog challenges for 2013 besides the following. I really liked this year not having the stress of wanting to finish them. But anyway, I found a really awesome one through Goodreads!

Avanti @ Avanti's Place is hosting an awesome challenge this upcoming year for people who want to count their pages! Signup is easy: just post about your participation on your blog, Goodreads/Shelfari, etc. and add your link to the linky on the signup post! She offers several levels for you to join, and lucky for all of us (this is not sarcasm), the rules are that you can only level up, not down. (YUS! This means I can't back out of my goal at all.)

For the Book Version, I will be aiming for the Mansion level (10,001+ pages) because I ususally reach that pretty easily. At the same time, I've been struggling to read with my school work, etc. getting in the way, so it will still be a challenge!

Avanti loves us oh so very much that she also has an Audio Version to the challenge! Now we all know I'm not one to listen to audiobooks very often, but I'm so behind on the ones that I DO have. They're just stacking up on my iPod....(shakes head). To try and catch up on them all, I am also going to participate in the Audio Version!

I will be aiming for the College Dorm level (4,501-9,000 minutes (76-150 hours)). Don't want to aim too high if I don't buy a lot of audios this year, but I know I have at least this much waiting for me already.

Don't be shy! Hurry and sign up for one or both of these challenges. Everyone loves a good page/minute count challenge! :D


Avanti said...

Thanks Zakiya!! Honored to be your only challenge this year

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