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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things you Don't Wanna Miss #2! :D

So it's been a while since I've done one of these, but there are some things I'd like to tell you!!!

1.) I have started a new project (another blog) and I would really love for you to stop by and follow me! I was hopping over to A Book a Day and I saw that she is trying to read one book everyday. I am now challenging myself to read one book every two days. Keep up with how I'm doing here: Two Days. One Book.

2.) As you all know, my first ever What's Your Status? Contest is starting this Saturday!!! I would really love for all of my followers to help and participate; we will need you to vote afterwards! There is a schedule at the bottom of this post for you to look at. Please come back and support them! :)

3.) I will having my first GIVEAWAY soon!!! I know; I'm excited as well! :D As part of a book tour for Majanka Verstraete's first novel, The Blood That Defines Us, she will be giving away two eBook copies of the book!! I won't give all the deets until next Tues, but here are a few:
----As far as I know, the giveaway is open internationally. If something changes, however, I will let you know.
----There is a possibility of you having 15 entries max. Won't be telling you what this is until Tuesday though :D
----You must be 13+ years of age to sign up for this!

4.) I am hosting my ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY in July, and would love for you all to join me! I will having a blogoversary celebration week July 3rd-9th (I will put a schedule for that week at the bottom of this post as well). The giveaway starts on the 3rd!!! Dont miss it! I'm giving away five -- yes, FIVE 2011 debuts and swag from two authors! :D Here are a few deets about it:
----This giveaway is open to US residents only.
----Must be 13+ years of age.
----There's a possibility of you having 31 entries max. =DDD All I will say is that there's commenting and following involved!

5.) As of right now, the prizes for the Blogoversary giveaway are all going to one person. BUT if I can get 400 followers on Twitter between now and July 3rd, I will divide it into TWO winners! My Twitter profile is HERE. Spread the word!!

Hopefully I will see you all around! Don't miss all the fun!! (;

WYS Contest Schedule:
June 11th- Marcie (2 Read or Not 2 Read)
June 18th- Marla (Starting the Next Chapter)
June 25th- Jessica (Thoughts at One in the Morning)
July 2nd- Cat (Cat's Thoughts)

Blogoversary Celebration Week Schedule:
July 3rd- Interview w/Tessa Gratton
July 4th- Review of Clarity by Kim Harrington
July 5th- Interview w/Carrie Harris
July 6th- Review of Falling Under by Gwen Hayes
July 7th- Review of The Lipstick Laws; Interview w/Amy Holder
July 8th- Review of Divergent by Veronica Roth
July 9th- Review of Wild Child; Interview w/Mike Wells


Unknown said...

Thanks for hopping through and I love your list of authors as well.

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